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How To Train a Dog

Stop Aggressive Dog Biting

Did you know that biting is a natural action for a dog? It was an essential tool for survival when they used to run wild prior to domestication. So even if your dog nips on a regular basis, this “natural” behavior can be eliminated when you train your dog to stop being aggressive. It is possible to trust a dog that bites again as a result, providing that you give him or her the right training. If you are committed to training your dog not to bite and to eliminate agressive behavior, then you Read more [...]

Stop Dog Aggression: Determine The Cause

No matter what other advice or information you read if you are looking for a solution to help you in your quest to stop your dog’s aggressive behavior, the one piece that you cannot ignore is this ? you have to find the root cause before any attempt at stopping dog aggression can ever work. Stopping dog aggression is a human desire rather than a canine one because domesticated dogs were once wild and, as such, needed to be aggressive in order to protect their territory, food, family and of course Read more [...]

Stop Dog Aggression: Follow These 5 Suggestions

Does your dog curl her lip from time to time or growl at you? Does he get frustrated easily and start attacking toys and other objects for no apparent reason? Does your pooch try to mount you or heard small children? If any of the above applies then you immediately need to think about stopping dog aggression. All are signs of aggression, although there are others too. As such, you need to be vigilant for them and all other signs so that you can stop dog aggression in its tracks! As soon as you can Read more [...]