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How to train a puppy

Stop Dog Aggression In Its Tracks!

Stopping dog aggression is essential if you want to ensure that your dog lives a long and happy life. This is because aggression is a sign of insecurity, anxiety and fear in many cases. Because of this, as soon as dog aggression occurs, you must put an end to it immediately, so your dog feels more secure and can live a happy life. This may sound obvious, but too many owners ignore aggression problems. They either deal with it later or ignore it completely. Both are wrong because the dog needs to Read more [...]

Stopping Dog Aggression With Positive Reinforcement

The process of stopping dog aggression can be a long and difficult one for many owners and pets. It can prove to be frustrating and push you to the edge of your patience. However, for other owners it can be fun with results that are achieved quickly and easily. Why is there so much difference? The answer is that the latter owners will use positive reinforcement but the former will take a more negative approach and this will be picked up by the dog. There are several positive steps that you can Read more [...]