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Stop Aggressive Dog Biting

Did you know that biting is a natural action for a dog? It was an essential tool for survival when they used to run wild prior to domestication. So even if your dog nips on a regular basis, this “natural” behavior can be eliminated when you train your dog to stop being aggressive. It is possible to trust a dog that bites again as a result, providing that you give him or her the right training.
If you are committed to training your dog not to bite and to eliminate agressive behavior, then you should recognize the fact that biting is a bad pattern. It may include a challenge, some barking or growling, lunging and snapping before the bite occurs. You must stopthese companion behaviors right awway or it will lead to more aggressiona dn more biting because your dog got away with it. As soon as you notice any of these behaviors, you must deal with it sternly.
First determine what may be causing anxiety or aggression in your dog. Crate training can be beneficial because it can provide your dog with a safe haven to go to when needing comfort and safety. You might also want to look at his or her behavior overall to see if there is a pattern so you can deal with that as a whole when adressing dog aggression.
It is important to remember that biting needs to be completely eliminated from your dog’s behavior. You need to prevent it occurring ever again so use positive reinforcement to discourage biting. Do not correct only one single element of bad behavior, address then all. Leaving a few bad biting behaviors could result in some dangerous end result. Discovering the root of the behavior and the training out the bad behavior itself is the only way to stop dog aggression and aggressive biting so make sure that you do just that.

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